Diverse industries cater to 4 business divisions Automotive Medical Semiconductor and General Industrial ( diversification no reliance on singular industry )


Product Range:

  1. Automotive Car Lever

  2. Audio Front Panel

  3. Meter Auto Pointer

  4. Automotive Speedometer

Production Equipment

  1. Lever Assembly Line
    - Lever Sub Assembly Machine
    - Lever Cover Pressing Machine
    - Lever Stud Assembly Machine
    - Lever End Of Line Tester

  2. Audio Front Panel Assembly Line
    - Audio Panel Greasing Machine
    - Audio Panel Heat Stake Machine
    - Audio Panel Assembly Workstation
    - Audio Panel 2D Barcode Marking Machine
    - Audio Panel End Of Line Tester
    - Audio Panel Vision Inspection Machine

  3. Meter Auto Pointer Assembly Line
    - Fully Auto Pointer Assembly Machine

  4. Automotive Speedometer
    - Speedometer Laser Welding Machine

Test Equipment

  1. EOL Test Handler

  2. Audio Panel Vision Inspection Machine

  3. Rotary Torque Test Handler


Product Range

  1. Needle (Luer Lock)

  2. Samplok

Manufacturing Processes:

  1. Fully Automatic Needle Assembly Line

Production Equipment

  1. Needle Assembly Line
    - Fully Auto Needle Assembly Machine
    - Hub loading module
    - Needle loading module
    - Glue dispensing module
    - UV curing module
    - Silicone spraying module
    - Sleeve loading module
    - Unloading module (Manual loading of hub and sleeve into vibrating bowl; and needle into drum) - Semi Auto Needle Assembly Machine
    - Semi Auto Silicone Dipping Machine

  2. Samplok Luer Assembly Line
    - Samplok Luer Assembly Machine

Testing and Inspection Equipment:

  1. Needle height, orientation, angle and glue amount vision inspection

  2. Sleeve gap and sleeve angle vision inspection


Product Range

  1. PS4 Processor

  2. Xbox One Processor

Production Equipment

  1. Processor Assembly Line
    - Semi Auto OS Test Handler
    - Fully Auto OS Test Handler

General Industrial

Product Range

  1. Toy Car

  2. Rubber Glove

Production Equipment

  1. Toy Car Assembly Line
    - 3 Tiers Conveyor System for Toy Car Transfer
    - Carton Box Transfer Conveyor with Ink Jet Printing

  2. Rubber Glove Assembly Line
    - Glove Stripping Machine
    - Glove Stacking Machine
    - Glove Cutting and Opening Machine
    - Glove into Pouch Packaging Machine
    - Glove Indexing Conveyor