Multi-platform automation solutions provider

We are a Malaysian equipment and parts manufacturer that has expanded to become a major regional supplier, capable of providing comprehensive technological solutions across an integrated range of services for our notable business partners and customers .

Our constant adherence to the highest quality and standards enables our business divisions to deliver products of superior performance for our customers that is proven to improve their productivity and reduce cost.

Leveraging on our state of the art equipment and advanced machining technologies enables us to excel in our core business of:

  • Manufacturing automated or semi-automated machinery and equipment
  • Design and manufacture of precision machinery components
  • Design, assembly and installation of computerized automation systems and equipment


Our vision

To be a fully computerized manufacturer ready for the next wave of the industrial revolution - Industry 4.0

Goal of 2018, our engineering capability for cyber physical systems requirement for Industry 4.0 Computer Integrated Manufacturing will help early detection of defects and production failures, thus enabling their prevention and increasing productivity, quality, and agility benefits that have significant competitive value.


Robotic Modules



Going forward includes plans to upgrade the Robotic Modules to FDA standards for use in our Medical and Semiconductor divisions.

Build in with Clean Room Standard and SECS/GEM communication protocol for Semiconductor Industrial

By placing emphasis on the research and development of our in-house 6-axis robotic production modules, we gained a significant competitive edge over our peers with the following advantages:

  • Usage in Multiple Processes including screwing, soldering, vision inspection, adhesive dispensing and grease dispensing.
  • Easy Conversion between previous and new kit, as the change-over kit and product holding fixture can be effortlessly removed and installed, by simply unclipping the previous kit and clipping on the new kit.
  • A singular machine for a multiple process is ideal for high mix but low volume product.
  • Lower Maintenance is required for the 6-Axis Robot when compared with the more conventional Motorized Actuator.
  • Compact Design allows for installation where space is constrained.