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We specialize in providing high-end Automated Manufacturing Machinery in terms of functionality precision, quality services, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery. Since our incorporation in 2005, we have partnered with various multinational companies in engineering high-tech infrastructure and market-leading solutions. We aim at giving customers a competitive edge in their chosen industry with some level of guarantee

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Sky-Tag’s Machine

Sky-Tag understand your concerns and will look at your manufacturing automation project through the lens of efficient, safety, environments, future proof, ease of use, changeovers, reliability to ensure the long-term success of your projects.
Need a way to automated your process or industry? Ask our expert.

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Robotic Systems

Robotic Systems Integration Sky-Tag design and integrate innovative cost effective robotic solutions for complicated applications to everyday tasks. From small stand-alone systems to large integrated processes, we have provided custom robotic automation systems for industries of all types. Our experienced in-house team of engineers evaluate the specialised need of your application, while integrating the latest

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Automated Guided Vehicle

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) provide a cost efficient automated materials handling solution to transport pallets, cartons and products throughout your warehouse or manufacturing facility. With the ability to be installed into an existing facility. AGV’s provide a safe, cost effective and reliable option. AGV automation is a full material management system (MMS) which can complete

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With full confidence in our expertise and experience, and innovative technology, SKY-TAG provides industrial automation solutions for all industry sectors, ranging from large multinational companies to small business new to automation.

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Glove Stripping and Layering Machine

Product : Glove Objectives : Auto glove stripping and layering Client’s Industry : Glove Challenges To make sure good layering for the glove. To ensure 100% accurate glove counting. To make sure the machine didn’t damage the glove during the stripping. Description Machine introduction: High speed stripping which operate simultaneously with production line Stripping glove

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Collaboration with MDEC for R&D Project

Description Our team paid a visit to the MDEC Cyperjaya to submit the signed offer letter for the R&D project, to commercialize the delta robots with AI vision for the glove industry.

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Visit from Nestle Team

Description It is our pleasure to give a tour to the Nestle team around our factory and office. We had a detailed discussion on the possible collaboration, exploring Robotic Systems and Solutions for: 1. Soft pack handling and packaging machine 2. Condiment and fork insertion system for cup noodles

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