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Carton Printing Machine

Product : Carton Printing Machine
Product Description:
Carton printing are used by agro, beverages, chemicals, cosmetics, distilleries, foods, latex, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and packaging industries. Almost every industry would need some or other type of cartons to be printed for packaging. Carton printing machines are used for printing bar code, batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date, maximum retail price, name of the company and other specifications that are in human readable format. These machines are also used to print bar codes in pharmaceutical industry. Pharma sector makes heavy use of carton/box printing machines. They can be operated with AC drive for fine speed adjustments. Carton printing machines can print on plain, laminated and varnish carton. Printing head height is adjustable to suit customer requirement (easy and quick adjustment). Carton printing machine can eliminate the need for pre-printed outer casing, minimising variants in inventory and satisfies logistic requirements. Carton printing machine definitely removes labels necessity, providing notable cost savings and improving efficiency.
Technical Specifications
Carton Size (length): max. min.
Carton Size (width): max. min.
Speed of Motor:
Power of Motor:
Printing Area: max. min.
Net Weight:
Gross Weight:
Process Description:
Operator manually load carton box for printing. This workstation will automatically feed and dispense the cartos at very high speed with a best performance and smooth motion. Operator manually unload carton box after printing.