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Auto Pointer Assembly Machine

Product Description

Sky-Tag design and develop an automatic system for the assembly of auto pointer. The system was built with “2 in 1 concept” to produce 2 models of auto pointer with the working station. The system was built in compact design, equipped with 7 stations inclusive of a 16 nests rotary working table, multi trays mechanism, vibration feeder bowl, vision camera, oven, smart camera, robotic system, main controller, operating panel, safety devices and EOL test. All components are going through vision inspection before assembly. Rejected part will be auto unload into red reject bin by robotic arm. Components will go through prepress to ensure precise positional accuracy.

Process Description

Components are loaded manually by operator accordingly (tray or feeder bowl). The system was designed to load, assembly (prepress and heat stake) and visual test (component and completed part). Completed parts will be arranged in red rejected and green accepted tray according to the visual test result by using pneumatic arm.