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Product Description:

This system streamlined the process of packaging glove into inner box directly from dipping line. Automatic stripping which operate simultaneously with dipping line to prevent any glove left out on the former. Stacking glove by using vacuum suction arm to move from conveyor onto packaging magazine to make sure the stacking orientation feed the inner box. At the meantime, counting will be done by the vacuum counter. This system is designed to automated the forming and enclosing of box. Eliminate conventional packing with workers. Could last more working time, high output and low labour.
Process Description:
Stripping semi stripped gloves from dipping line former. The gloves are oriented in packaging magazine by using vacuum suction arm and counted by vacuum counter. Operator to manually load box. Packing box will be formed automatically for inserting exact number of gloves and folding box’s lock to enclose it.
Output: 18000pcs/hr
Dimensions: 1400mm (length) x 1350mm (width)
Net Weight:
Gross Weight: