Medical Industry Sky-Tag's Machine

Automated SSK Air Vent Pull Test Machine

Product Air Vent for Medical Instrument
Objectives To test the glue bonding on air vent
Client’s Industry Medical
1.Arrangement of each product within a specified cycle time (cycle time)
2.Determining whether the product is passed or rejected (vision inspection)
3.Machine must be able to run for different models (compatibility)
Solutions :
1.Integration of robot arm in the machine
2.Handles 3 products at a time
3.Integration of vision camera to evaluate product after pull test
4.Easily interchangeable holders are used for different models
Rotary table is used for input tray which allow robot arm to work on the products while operator is loading, reducing cycle time. Vision camera is used after test station, rejected products will be moved to the reject bin while others moved to output bin. Robot arm is equipped with grippers to move product from one station to another while providing high accuracy during placement at each station. It is also equipped with vacuum cups to pick up cardboards when each layer of the bin is filled.