Sky-Tag's Machine

Headphone Speaker Unit Assembly Line



Speaker Diaphragm



  1. To reduce operator head count
  2. To increase the production yield by semi-automated Assembly line with integration of visual inspection system and functional test (FCT)

Client’s Industry

: General


  • In order to meet the production rate, the cycle time is the bottleneck due to the limitation of mechanical component and cost.
  • To make sure the machine able to achieve customer’s quality requirements.
  • To ensure machine’s functionality meet end user’s requirements such as the conformity of the output product and the reliability of the machine.


  • By applying the knowledge of line balancing and time study. We decide to handle 2 cavities within the cycle time, we be well able to overcome the mechanical component and cost. In addition, we unexpectedly increase the output by 60%.
  • Improvement task and root cause finding activities are carried out from time to time.
  • By developing and optimize the process of the assembly lines.


This project is a combination of fully-auto and semi-auto workstation, first and second workstation are fully automated and third workstation is semi-automated.

  • First machine will undergo pick and place process where it will attach diaphragm on the body part that has been applied glue on the outer circle to go through oven before undergoing another bonding process on the inner circle.
  • Second machine will go through pick and place process as well where it will attach frame on the body part that has been completed during the first machine and apply another layer of bond on the outer circle before going through oven.
  • Third machine are started off with manual line before going through inspection consist of impedance checking and vision checking on the cosmetic inspection and another layer of gluing on the tip before going through UV and to magnetism.