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Lever Assembly Line

Product Description:
Sky-Tag design and built a bespoke system, applying Poka-Yoke (also called mistake proofing) requirements to prevent the human error that result in product defects. The system was manufacture in a compact design, equipped with a 6 stations rotary indexing table, vision camera, robotic system, main controller, operating panel, safety devices and EOL test. The workstation is to minimal operator intervention. It was dedicated to assemble, inspect, test and laser mark the pass lever. The task required a high concentration from the worker and was the cause of many errors. The Poka-Yoke designed in the workstation consisted of a Poka-Yoke gripper and fixture. The Poka-Yoke designed workstation helps workers to be “right first time” enhancing the quality and overall output of the process.
Operation Description:
The workstation was required to manually load PCB and bracket into fixture and gripper on the turn table. On completion of assembly, inspection and test cycle, the completed part was manually removed by operator.