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Pick and Place Assembly Machine





: Pick and Place

Client’s Industry

: Sony


  • To ensure that the pick and place alignment has meet customer requirement.
  • The gripper able to pick and place the product into cavity correctly.
  • To ensure that the gripper do not scratches the parts during pick and place.


  • By applying square tone 90 degrees measurement tool during assembly process.
  • Fabricate a master jig to make the gripper alignment easier.
  • Modified the gripper by increasing the inner diameter from 22mm to 22.8mm.


This project is an auto line and consists of two main function.

  • Firstly, the conveyer will deliver the product which placed on a pallet come toward the machine and push the pallet upward after the sensor detected. The pallet will stay above the rotating conveyer. A cylinder with four round pins will help to push the product slightly upward.
  • Second, the gripper moves downward and grip the product to the second modules. At the second modules, an orange pallet placed with a cavity has been push upward after sensor detected. The gripper places the product into the cavity and the pallet return back onto the conveyer continue move to the next process.
  • Meanwhile, the pusher move back to the origin and the pallet will return back to the conveyer. The pallet will continue moving until the end of the first modules. This empty pallet will be pick and place to the outside conveyer back to the operator.