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Carton Box Printing Machine



Carton Box


: Label Printing

Client’s Industry

: Mattel


  • The carton box can easily move into the printing area by the operator.
  • To ensure that the printing position, level and label has meet customer requirement.
  • To ensure that the carton box can go in and out smoothly.


  • A roller track with guider is place for the operator at the front and end tray.
  • A fine alignment for the printing position is done by software control.
  • By implement a rough surface conveyor belt and proper tension to make sure the smoothness.


This project is a semi-auto line and consists of two main function.

  • Firstly, the operator needs to key in the label code which was set up internally. The conveyor belt start turning, and the printer moves to the printing position.
  • At the front tray, the operator places the carton box vertically on the roller track and then push the carton box gently into the printing area.
  • The carton box moves horizontally toward left while the printer spray the black ink and form a label onto the carton box.
  • The carton box moves out from the printing area and fall into the end tray.